EcoPacific Environmental Services
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EcoPacific Environmental Services is a consulting firm specializing in ecological investigations, environmental impact assessment, and environmental permitting for public and private development projects. Our offices are located in Redmond, Washington and Victoria, British Columbia. We serve clients throughout North America and the Pacific Rim.


The EcoPacific team specializes

in providing cost-effective,

technology-based solutions which

fit the site, protect and enhance

the natural environment, and

satisfy regulatory requirements.


Primary services we provide:

Facility Development / Expansion

  • Baseline ecological surveys / constraints analyses
  • Wetland delineation and functional assessment                  
  • Ordinary high water mark determinations
  • Environmental impact assessments                                                                 

 Permitting / Regulatory Compliance

  • Comprehensive environmental site audits
  • Permit acquisition / agency coordination
  • Biological Assessments for Corps of Engineers permits
  • SEPA/NEPA document preparation

 Environmental Planning & Design

  • Stream / lake shoreline restoration design
  • Buffer / bioswale landscape design
  • Design of ponds and water features
  • Wetland mitigation plans
  • Erosion control plans

 Water Quality Management

  • Simulation modeling of fate and effects of industrial and municipal discharges
  • Water quality and sediment investigations
  • Water quality management plans

 Hazardous Waste Management

  • Environmental assessment of hazardous waste sites
  • Ecological risk assessment and aquatic ecotoxicology