EcoPacific Environmental Services
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About us:

EcoPacific Environmental Services is a small business operated by its founder, Mr. Tom Morrison, along with a team of associated ecologists, engineers and technicians. Since 1995, Mr. Morrison and the EcoPacific team have successfully completed projects throughout the western states, Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Guam, and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). The firm has obtained significant name recognition in the Pacific Northwest as well as a large list of satisfied clients.

Mr. Morrison is a qualified biologist and ecotoxicologist with over 28 years of professional environmental consulting experience. His primary expertise falls into three general areas: ecological chemical risk assessment, natural resource investigations and restoration, and environmental impact assessment / permitting. In recent years, he has focused his expertise on conducting cost-effective ecological investigations at hazardous waste sites and on Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultation / site restoration at shoreline and aquatic sites. Mr. Morrison has also continued to be active in preparation of environmental impact assessment documents for commercial and industrial projects and has managed projects ranging from a SEPA checklist for a proposed golf course to a comprehensive EIS for a large international gas pipeline.